She’s a “never-say-never,” no-quitter with the natural-born ability to shine in the limelight.

Standing at a mere 4’11", Emily Minor is like a surprise at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. Dubbed “a modern day Brenda Lee,” she’s a “Little Miss Dynamite.” Raised in North Carolina, Emily is an action-oriented, go-getter with intentional direction and absolutely no ceiling. 

From Merle to Madonna, Emily’s musical influences travel from one end of the entertainment spectrum to another, but she clearly draws from the storylines and sounds of the 90s. “I like to incorporate the classic country sounds in my music. I like to write and perform up-beat, ‘turn-it-up-loud’ tunes, but am also drawn to writing a contemplative song that inspires. Organically, I seem to write about emotions and thought-provoking topics. Writing is a vulnerable and raw place; you're putting yourself out there for the world to see. ”

Leaning towards complex melodies and “meat and potatoes” lyrics, Emily says “I think I have an old soul. When I write, my goal is not to come up with a product that is trendy, but that is current and remains true to my heart.”

"Emily Minor is not a copycat artist; she's not trying to 'fit in' to be popular with what's trending in the format,” producer Scott Trayer introduces. “Her music isn't watered down; it fills the void for those who are craving music with substance. Her passion for truthful and meaningful lyrical content and musical texture runs deep."

Since her decision to take residency in Music City as a contending major country-recording artist, Emily has planted her roots as a sought-after entertainer including finding herself on stage opening for Lee Brice, Dustin Lynch, Cole Swindell, Maddie & Tae, and more. 

Emily Minor’s delivery is straight up and honest… with no sugar coating added. The songstress is an energetic sunburst full of big surprises poised to make an everlasting impression. Her stay in the country music industry is a well-intended, long-term plan.