SEQUIN DRESS (similar, H&M)  |  SATIN TRENCH COAT (similar, Michael Kors)  |  SHOES  (similar, Marc Fisher)

CLUTCH (similar, DSW)  |  EARRINGS (similar, Humble Chic) 


LEATHER JACKET (similar, BLANKNYC)  |  LEATHER PANEL LEGGINGS (similar, Old Navy)  |  SEQUIN SWEATER (similar, DKNY)  |  SHOES (similar, Saks Fifth Ave) |  CLUTCH  (similar, DSW)  |  EARRINGS (similar, Kate Spade)

If you ain't ringing in the New Year in Nashville... you ain't living! Nashville is one of the most fun places to welcome the new year. There are so many places to celebrate that it's almost hard to choose just one! But, to be completely honest... New Year's Eve is not one of my favorites. For years, I spent NYE performing on stage, entertaining others while they popped the champagne, which was a lot of fun - except that whole "working" on New Year's thing. Now, I like spending the evening at home. I love whipping up a huge spread of delicious food, chilling the champagne, and inviting friends over to celebrate. With festive tunes playing through the house and the Times Square countdown on the TV in the background, it's a perfect night! But, whether I'm ringing in the holiday from my living room, playing on stage, or out on the town, I love dressing up for the occasion! New Year's Eve is all about the glam and sequins but it's also nice to stay a little more comfortable and practical, yet festive. And I like having options!

The sequin dress I'm wearing has a story to it. I purchased a black sequin dress very similar a while back for a holiday performance... but it was too big. It fit comfortable throughout the body but shoulders/back were a little saggy. It was the last dress hanging on the rack and I loved the sleeves - It was also majorly on sale. I couldn't pass it up but I wasn't too sure how altering it would go with all of those sequins. Then, Mama came to the rescue... She added this black velvet bow. Adding the bow helped to tighten up the back and it added a really feminine detail to a dress that I thought was already perfect to begin with. Mamas... aren't they just the best? She also gave me a satin purple trench (similar) one year for Christmas. It was something I wouldn't have thought to buy myself but it was such a nice surprise! *** This  black sequin dress with a bow in the back is beautiful, but it's pricey. You could just add your own to any dress like I did!

But maybe you're not into sequins or the party you're attending isn't as glamorous - I'm all about staying practical (and warm). I love a black leather jacket. They're edgy & cool yet practical because they're so warm. Let's be honest... you can't totally rule out all sequins on NYE! A sparkly sweater adds a nice touch of spirit without being too dressy and when paired with leather panel leggings this look is classic, comfortable, and pretty.

So, if you're looking for something a little more lively, here are a few fun things happening in Music City...

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