If you're looking for juicy stories about after-parties and trashing hotel rooms... you're going to have to look elsewhere. In fact, most of the major country music tours are low-key. That's not to say we don't have a good time (trust me, we do!) but very rarely these days do you hear about musicians throwing TV's out of the window. SO, I'm taking you through a typical day on the road, from early morning call times to my version of the after party! 

5:00-6:00AM: Call Time. Every tour in Nashville meets at the Bus Lot... or, the Kroger Parking lot. It's not uncommon to ride by the local Kroger and see 8 tour buses parked and loading up. The grocery store is a great meeting spot because the band and can leave their cars in a safe, well-lit parking lot AND you can run inside and stock up on snacks and water! I've passed lots of musicians in the granola bar aisle, including Luke Bryan's crew! Once we're all stocked up on snacks and everyone has loaded in, we pull out of the parking lot. ** Here's where I get comfy and fall asleep. I usually sleep until we stop for lunch.

12:00PM: Lunch time! Lunch usually consists of a sandwich pit-stop and then we're back on the road!

3:00PM: Soundcheck. Okay, these times vary depending on where we're traveling to but as soon as we arrive, it's time to unload and head to soundcheck. During soundcheck, we might run a new song or two just to make sure everyone's personal mix is right and really get in the mindset of "it's time to rock!"

5:00PM: Dinner & down time. We're really fortunate that most of the venues we play provide a well-stocked green room for changing into our stage clothes & eating dinner. Most of the time, we have deli & veggie trays, assorted chips, fruit, sodas/water, and granola bars waiting for us at dinner or sometimes a restaurant/vendor will cater the green room. If we happen to have an earlier day-show, we will skip out on dinner and grab some Mexican after the show together. 

7:00PM: SHOW TIME! My band and I have a blast playing together. Some of these guys have been with me since the beginning and we're like one big family. I am really blessed to not only have a super talented band, but they're all-around good guys too and we're always pumping each other up and looking out for one another.

9:00PM: Meet & Greet. After every show, I head over to the Merch table/booth and meet the fans waiting in line. At the Merch booth, fans can grab CDs, T-shirts, Decals, and more. I autograph whatever they ask me to and I just try to take a moment to connect which each person and thank them for the support.

10:00PM: Roll out! Sometimes we head to a hotel to check in for the night or we may drive on to the next town/venue depending on our schedule for that run. As soon as we get to the hotel, I usually shower/wash my face, bush my teeth, and get in bed. I might stay up and watch a little TV but most of time I'm so exhausted from the traveling & performing that I call it an early night and fall asleep quickly. Then, it's time to wake up and do it all over again or head back to Nashville! 

If we're traveling to a new town or have a day off in between, I try to plan some fun things for us to do as a band, like checking out the town or nearby tourist spots. We all LOVE to eat and try new things, so we like to check out great local spots to for lunch or dinner. If we have an earlier show, sometimes we'll stop in a nearby night spot for a cold one before heading to the hotel. See, I told you... pretty low-key. If you want to see me on the road, be sure to check out all of my tour dates, here.