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I've grown accustomed to living out of a suitcase. In fact, most weeks I don't even unpack! Usually, I just throw the dirty stuff in the laundry and fill my suitcase up with new things from my closet. So, I'd consider myself to be an experienced packer (in the early days of learning how to live on the road, I forgot EVERYTHING!) but now, there are a couple things that I'm sure to never leave home without!

1. Suitcase... duh! I've found the most durable yet stylish suitcase and I've been using it for almost 10 years. It's seen every major airport and early morning parking lot call and it's the perfect size! But, I'm also thinking about getting this one... because it charges your phone!

2. Toiletry Bag - I liked being able to easily access my toiletries when I'm traveling. I usually pack away the bigger things like shampoo and extra makeup in a larger bag and put it in my suitcase. But, I like having a smaller bag to hold a few essentials and is easy to get to in my purse or carry on. 

3. Hand Cream - My hands are always really dry and I hate the way it feels! I keep a tube of this hand cream in the toiletry bag that I mentioned earlier so when I need it, it's easy to grab and use! This one smells really good and this one is ultra creamy!

4. Fingernail File - My name is Emily Minor. And I have a strange obsession with my fingernail file. No really, my family makes fun of me because I am ALWAYS looking for/needing/or using a fingernail file! I have one in every purse, pocket, wallet... I'm never far from my fingernail file!

5. iPad - Traveling from town to town means one thing... long hours. So, I always have my iPad charged up and ready to go for binge watching my shows! I keep my iPad in a protective case too to prevent any wear and tear. Right now, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and Scandal but recently I finished Stranger Things. I'm always up for a throwback episode of Friends too to pass the time. 

6. Book Light - I love to read... especially on the road. I will lose my self for hours in a good book while we roll on to the next town. At night, I like to snuggle up in a blanket and read before I fall asleep so I love having a book light in the dark.

7. Wireless Headphones -  You know my love for podcasts and I also like using the time in between towns to catch up on the newest music releases. These wireless headphones are great and hassle free too!

8. Hairspray - If I were stranded on an island and only had one beauty product with me, it would be hairspray. (Ok, and maybe mascara.) But, I can't get by without my hairspray! 

9. Water Bottle - Running around on stage and singing requires a lot of energy and it's really important that I keep my vocal chords hydrated so I've always got a water bottle in tow! I like room temperature water so thermal bottles aren't as important to me but this one is really cute!

10. Battery Charger - I LOVE THIS CHARGER! I charge it all night while I'm asleep so when my phone battery starts to die during the day, I can reach right into my bag and grab this little guy for an instant charge without needing a nearby outlet!


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