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One of the greatest things about my job is the traveling. I love being on stage and connecting with the audience but as soon as I step off the stage, I want to spend every second exploring the area that I'm in. So, when we got the call to play in Colorado, I was REALLY excited. I haven't spent too much time in the Mountain Region of the United States so I wasn't sure what to expect... but I had a feeling it would be incredible. And I was right.



We landed in Denver EARLY Wednesday morning... 7:30a. My first show wasn't until the next day so we had all day to explore Denver. Our flight left Nashville at 5AM so by the time we arrived in Denver, we were starving! The first stop? Four Friends Kitchen. This breakfast joint was super cute and the menu was full of local breakfast meats, jams, and other early morning staples. Once our bellies were full, we drove through downtown Denver. Larimer Square is the main drag lined with cute boutiques, restaurants, and history. From there, we headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater. I was really excied to see Red Rocks because as a musician, I could only hope to have the chance to play there one day. The amphitheater is open daily to the public and settled right in between two giant red, sandstone monolith rocks. From Red Rocks, we set out for Mount Evans. Mount Evans Byway is the highest paved road in North America. The byway is closed this time of year, but you can still take a lengthy drive up the mountain and catch views of Echo Lake, bristlecone pines, and wildlife. We didn't get out and hike any trails because there was still a good amount of snow on the ground. But the view from the windsheild alone is worth the trip. By the end of the day, we made our way to Craig, CO where we would perform the next day.


DAY 2: SHOW DAY – Craig, Co

We performed for the students at Colorado Northwestern in the afternoon. The college was hosting their Annual Spring Fling for students to enjoy live music, giveaways, and concessions. The students were so kind to us and I had a great time performing and meeting everyone. After the show, we were told to explore Sand Wash Basin which is a 150,000 acre area known for wild horses. Wild horses? I WAS ALL IN! We drove around on the dirt gravel roads for about 20 minuted with no sign of horses... other than piles of you know what lining the road. Then, as we came over a ridge the land flatten out and there we found about 50 wild horses. They were SO beautiful but very aware that we were there and curious as to what we were doing. As we drove through, herds stood about 25 yards away watching us carefully. Some had babies with them and all of them were so colored so beautifully and not like any of the horses I'd seen on farms back home. Seeing the horse herds was definitely worth the 2 hour drive around the basin... I should mention that it took 2 hours because we may or may not have gotten lost along the way.



We were off on Day 3 and it was a cold, rainy day but that didn't deter us from getting out and seeing all that Colorado had to offer. We were actually staying in Vernal, Utah just across the state line because hotels are limited in western colorado. Just a short drive from Utah is Dinosaur National Monument (which spans across into Dinosaur, Colorado.) Here, we saw fortified Dinosaur bones lodged into the mountain. REALLY COOL! We also did a little off roading through the park where we found 1,000 petroglyphs drawn into the rock and rivers running through mountains. Because it was a cold, rainy day after hanging with the dinosaurs, we headed back to the hotel for the day.


DAY 4: SHOW DAY – Rangely, Co

Day 4 was mostly spent preparing for the show that evening however on our way from Vernal, UT to Rangely, Co we stopped at Fantasy Canyon. Fantasy Canyon is a canyon full of 50 million year old sandstone sediment rocks that were created by erosion and are now all that's left of what used to be Lake Uinta. The rocks were absolutely breathtaking - so beautiful that we thought the area would make a great set for a little photo shoot (hince the photos above). After exploring and climbing up some of the canyon, we finished the trip to Rangely, Co. Once is Rangley, I performed for the students there and we all had a really great time together. The students were a great crowd and so fun!



From Rangely, CO we had to start making our way back to Denver for our flight home. But, you drive right through Vail and Breckenridge so we made it a point to check out the ski towns. I loved Breckenridge! We stopped for a quick bite and walked around downtown, window shopping and stopping to watch the skiers in the distance. It was really cool seeing all of the skiers walking around decked out in bibs, toting their skis around. The Nashville Predators hockey team happened to be playing the Colorado Avalanche in Denver that night so after stretching our legs and refeuling, we set off for Denver. We were pretty worn out from the week by the last night so we settled in for dinner and watched the hockey game on TV. Our flight back to Nashville departed at 6:50a and before we knew it, we were back in Music City. 


I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel and play music. I'm forever grateful to Colorado Northwestern for giving me the chance to come to Colorado and really make the most of my time while I was there. Colorado is a place that I will never forget and I'll be sure to get back there again soon.



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