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Nashville is the HOTTEST place to visit/live right now and we (John and I) count ourselves lucky to live in a booming city. One would think we'd be out and about nearly every night with all the fun that is constantly happening around town - however, our typical date night usually consists of a Friday night dinner at our favorite family-run pizza place in jeans and t-shirts. But, occasionally when something really cool is happening like a concert, sporting event, or show - we hit the town!

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If you're looking for juicy stories about after-parties and trashing hotel rooms... you're going to have to look elsewhere. In fact, most of the major country music tours are low-key. That's not to say we don't have a good time (Oh, do we have a good time!) but very rarely these days do you hear about musicians throwing TV's out of the window. SO, I'm taking you through a typical day on the road, from early morning call times to my version of the after party! 

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