Midnight in the Garden General Dj Bettencourt and His Scholarship for Insurance Professionals

Dj Bettencourt and His Scholarship for Insurance Professionals

Dj Bettencourt and His Scholarship for Insurance Professionals post thumbnail image

Dj Bettencourt, the Salem Budget Committee and Charter Commission member as well as former Economic Development Action Committee member and former New Hampshire House of Representatives member (2004-2012) has a scholarship reserved for insurance professionals.

This is because he’s also the New Hampshire Insurance Department’s Deputy Commissioner who wants to give a hand or a leg up to any would-be insurance professionals out there working in NH and/or Salem.

Scholarship for Insurance Professionals by Dj Bettencourt

This isn’t a full scholarship, mind you. Just some extra cash per every student deemed qualified for it. Check out the Dj Bettencourt Scholarship page for more details.

• Who Is This For? The D.J. Bettencourt Scholarship for Insurance Professionals is ostensibly made for would-be insurance professionals. To be more specific, it’s open to any student in college or university within the U.S. with the intent of attending to work in the insurance industry.

• How about High School Students? The scholarship by Bettencourt is also for high school students planning to attend university or college in order to pursue an insurance field career. The money that could be available to them should assist in their college fund or at least help pay for their high school tuition.

• The Financial Burden of Student Loan Debt: Dj Bettencourt understands the financial burden of this career on students. It takes years of schooling, thousands of dollars in your nest-egg college fund, or thousands of dollars in debt if you’ve opted for the student loan debt approach. It normally takes years to pay for such a loan.

• Free Up the Educational Obstacles: It pays for would-be insurance professionals or students studying to be them to have fewer financial worries so that they can concentrate on their studies, particularly when it comes to reading up to rules and regulations when it comes to insurance coverage.

• Promising Students Get $1,000: $1,000 won’t cover your entire tuition but every dollar counts. Dj Bettencourt Consider it a discount for your high school tuition or as an additional contribution to your college fund nest-egg when push comes to shove. You’ll be awarded that if you’re deemed worthy of the scholarship after submitting the requirements.

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