Midnight in the Garden General Dr. Peter Driscoll: When Is Plastic Surgery Needed For Your Body?

Dr. Peter Driscoll: When Is Plastic Surgery Needed For Your Body?

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Plastic surgery can be a wonderful tool to improve your self-image and help you feel better about yourself. Physically. However, this surgery isn’t always necessary or appropriate for everyone – and not all types of plastic surgery work for every person. For that, here are some reasons from Dr. Peter Driscoll why someone might need plastic surgery.

If You’re Unhappy With The Way You Look Physically

If you’re unhappy with the way you look physically, it’s highly important to try to change your body image. If asking your family and friends can’t help, then consider seeing a professional therapist who specializes in body image issues. If all else fails, however, then maybe plastic surgery would be right for you.

If You’ve Had A Recent Weight Change And Your Skin Is Stretched

If you’ve had a recent weight loss or gained weight and your skin is stretched, you may be at risk for certain health complications. Your skin can get stretched out after significant weight loss, which can cause problems with movement and make clothing fit poorly, and plastic surgery can help fix this issue.

Similarly, if you gain weight quickly over some time (and especially if this happens in adulthood), the extra skin might not be able to accommodate the added pounds without becoming loose and saggy. This can cause sagging and wrinkles as well as infections underneath the skin’s surface, which can be treated by plastic surgery Dr. Peter Driscoll.

To Correct Certain Body Deformities Caused By Birth Defects

A birth defect is a physical problem with the way your body developed. This body issue can be caused by genetics or environmental factors, like Drugs, alcohol, or smoking during pregnancy.

Certain birth defects may not always be correctable with surgery, but many types of birth defects can be corrected by plastic surgery including cleft lip/palate deformities and webbed fingers (syndactyly).

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