Midnight in the Garden General Learn about the successful career of Dr. Robert Stravinsky

Learn about the successful career of Dr. Robert Stravinsky

Learn about the successful career of Dr. Robert Stravinsky post thumbnail image

Robert Stravinsky is a renowned physical therapist practicing in Waltham, Massachusetts. He is a doctor specializing in physical treatment to help his patients reduce pain and restore and increase mobility for a better quality of life.
He has a lot of experience in the area and is always up to date with the latest scientific advances to successfully rehab an injury. On the other hand, he is an animal lover and offers important information on animal welfare and its benefits for companies worldwide.
He is a dedicated, passionate, and highly professional man who always cares about others and about providing top-quality medical service.
The successful career of Robert Stravinsky
Robert Stravinsky attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Public Health and Health Sciences, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2015. To further his education and help people through health and wellness, Stravinsky attended graduate school at Boston University.
At said University, he received his Doctor of Physiotherapy degree in 2019, and from there, he began his successful career in health care. He is highly experienced in physical therapy and can treat various conditions with exercise, laser, light therapy, ultrasound, and other advanced practices.
During his stay at Boston University, Robert Stravinsky presented his research on academic practices at the annual APTA conference. This is a research-based outpatient orthopedic treatment.
Likewise, he completed a one-year fellowship at the Orthopedic Manual Therapy Institute, where he could perfect himself in different treatments to improve his medical skills. On the other hand, Doctor Stravinsky has created different blogs that discuss the practices and the physiotherapy treatment addressed to his patients and colleagues.
Recently, Robert Stravinsky returned to the South Shore, has found his way, and reunited with his family to continue helping more patients. He wishes to bring his experience in physical therapy to improve the quality of life for many patients with physical conditions.
If you need timely physical therapy treatment, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Stravinsky.

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