Midnight in the Garden General Wade Kricken – Giving Legal Advice on Real Estate Matters

Wade Kricken – Giving Legal Advice on Real Estate Matters

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Real estate law and litigation deals with the rules, rights, remedies and procedure of real estate contracts. These topics can include residential land use, commercial leasing and control of buildings, construction defects, title insurance, property acquisition and financing. It covers a broad range of legal specialties. From buying, selling, financing and development to construction defects and tax abatement, real estate lawyers like Wade kricken are experienced in all aspects of real estate law – from drafting contracts to litigating disputes.

Real estate law and litigation deals with the rights, obligations, and remedies of property owners, landlords, tenants, mortgagees, and other parties involved in real estate transactions. It is a constantly evolving field of law as new regulations are enacted by legislators to keep up with modern times. They provide comprehensive real estate law and litigation services to clients who need it. They handle all real estate matters, including acquisition, purchase, sale and leasing of commercial real estate as well as residential properties.

What Does Real Estate Law Cover?

Real estate law and litigation encompasses a broad scope of practice areas, including but not limited to commercial real estate finance and lending, acquisition, development and construction; municipal services contracts; eminent domain; condominium and cooperative law; land use entitlement issues including environmental regulations; real estate taxation; zoning administration for municipalities or planning boards; redevelopment issues; condominiums association governance; state and local tax assessment appeals.

In Real Estate Law and Litigation: The Law of Debt and Equity, students will learn the tools they need to navigate the often complex legal issues that arise in the real estate field. You will investigate real property law, dispute resolution, land use regulation, building construction permits, business organizations and contracts.

Real estate law and litigation covers the legal questions surrounding real property transactions, title Wade kricken disputes and construction problems. Real estate transactions can involve general contracts, land lease agreements, easements, deeds and title insurance.


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